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Privacy Policy

General Statements: 

The developer does not collect or have access to any personal data recorded in Lockdown Quiz Maker for iOS or Mac. In fact, no data of any kind, whether it be manually entered or provided by the user; generated, processed or stored by Lockdown Quiz Maker, is in anyway accessible to the developer. All Quiz Maker data storage is exclusively locally on your device, and none of this data ever leaves this environment unless you choose to manually move the data yourself. On this basis the developer does not, and is in fact unable to, share any of your data with any third party. This statement excludes Apple themselves, who, although the developer does not knowingly share data with them, may already have other means of access to data stored on your device. 

Types of Data Used by Lockdown Quiz Maker

  • Data you have chosen to input into quiz questions.
    A quiz file holds app generated data relating to the format of the quiz, any questions and answers you have added, and any image data you have chosen to save to the questions.
    When creating your quizzes you should think carefully about any personal data you might choose to include in your questions, especially if you are considering sharing slides of these questions as virtual backgrounds or via screenshare in a video chat application, or sharing these questions by any other means outside of the app. Any action you take of this nature is entirely your own responsibility and at your own risk, and subject to the privacy policies of any app you choose to use for these purposes, as of course is any other use you choose to make of these applications. However, we stress that no data you input into or store with your questions within Lockdown Quiz Maker is processed or stored in any way other than as a part of your quiz, which is stored exclusively on your device in its document directory. The developer has no access to this data whatsoever. 

  • Image Data. 
    ​Quiz Maker will ask to access your photo library. This is for two purposes only:

    • In order to allow you to select individual images to save to your Quiz Maker question slides.
      A standard Apple API is used to present your photo library to allow you to select images for inclusion in your quiz questions. Any images selected are copied to the Quiz Maker app, and stored locally on your device in quiz files in the Quiz Maker directory. This data is only processed for the purpose of adding to your quizzes and only stored in this respect. The data never leaves your device unless you chose to manually share your quizzes outside of the app as mentioned above. The app developer has no access to the data whatsoever.

    • In order to export slides to your photo library for use with external apps.
      Exported slides will be stored to your photo library and no longer under the control of the Quiz Maker app. How you then chose to use these files and whether you chose to share them by any means is your own responsibility and at your own risk.

    • No other images are accessed, processed or stored by Lockdown Quiz Maker. 

  • Import Data.
    Quiz Maker can also access your iCloud drive in order to load a text file chosen by you, as a source of questions to form the basis of a new quiz file. A standard Apple API is used in order to achieve this, and only files chosen by you are processed in any way, and then they are processed only in order to extract the text data, which is stored in a quiz file exclusively locally on your device in its document directory. As per all other quiz files this file will never leave your device unless you choose to manually share it outside of your app as mentioned above. The developer has no access to this data whatsoever. 

  • Individual settings relating to the Lockdown Quiz Maker and its internal function
    This includes simple usage data such as the number of quiz files you have saved and the number of times you have exported photos, and includes no personal data. These settings are in any case stored exclusively in your device, essential to the function of the app itself, and are not available to the developer.

  • Other data.
    The above is the entirety of data used by the app. As can be seen, all data used, with the exception of the individual settings related to the apps function, is gathered purely at your own discretion.

Data Retention

As the developer has no access to any of this data, it is retained solely on your device until such a time as the app is deleted.

Local Storage of Quiz Files

As explained, any quizzes you make with the app are stored exclusively locally on your device, and are not stored to iCloud or on any external server, or indeed anywhere else. These files are stored as QZ1 files in the Quiz Maker directory on your device, which is accessible to you via the ‘On My iPad/iPhone’ location available from within Apple’s proprietary ‘Files’ app.

Deletion of the App and Quiz Files 

As all data is stored locally, deleting the Lockdown Quiz Maker app from your device will also delete its document directory and all of its contents, and will therefore irrevocably delete any quizzes you have made with the app. The developer has no access to any of this data at any stage in the app’s lifecycle, and therefore will not be able to recover it, or offer any assistance as to any means possible to retrieve it. Indeed, as far as the developer is aware once the app is deleted it is simply not possible to retrieve any of its data. In a similar manner it is also not possible to retrieve any quizzes deleted manually from within the app.
If accidental deletion concerns you, it is possible to save copies of quiz files separately outside of the Quiz Maker directory, by accessing the QZ1 files saved in this directory on your device, available via the ‘On My iPad/iPhone’ location in Apple’s file app. Please note that if you manually move or copy these files out of the Quiz Maker directory their management and security is your sole responsibility, and as with any other of your data you should be mindful of how you store and/or share these files should you chose to do so.

Liability for Loss of Quiz Files

The developer accepts no liability for the loss or failure to load of any of your Quiz Maker quizzes regardless of the cause of this loss or failure to load.

Your Rights, Revoking Consent & Deleting Data

If you are unhappy with any of this policy and would like to revoke your consent to any aspects of Lockdown Quiz Maker’s use of your data, you are free to cease use of the app and delete it from your device at any stage, at which point any data it has stored, including quiz files in its document directory, will be destroyed and become irretrievable. Obviously it will continue to be your own responsibility to manage any data you have created using Lockdown Quiz Maker that you have chosen to store outside of this environment, eg exported quiz slides, or manually moved/copied quiz (QZ1) files.

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